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Midcoast Cheese Trail

Check in with for a fun tour of Maine cheeses and their producers. Farms are open for purchasing cheese and special events throughout the season. Appleton Creamery is not on the trail after mid July, 2021, but you will find plenty of other choices. Give the Trail a whirl this summer.

Our Cheese

In summer 2021, we closed our farm stand. Find our cheese at Fuzzy Udder Creamery's booth at Bath Farmers' Markets on Saturdays 8:30 - Noon.

Our Herd Has a New Home

Our herd has gone to Fuzzy Udder Creeamery in Whitefield, Maine, where they will continue to produce milk for cheese. You can find our and their cheese at their booth at Bath Farmers' Markets on Saturdays during this transition period, and their farm stand 24/7 in Whitefield. for more location and info. They make a delicious line of cheeses as well.

Capercaillie Consulting

PLEASE NOTE: We have suspended all workshop options for the foreseeable future. Wehn Covid passes, we'll be offering our workshops along with our other services through our new business, Capercaillie Consulting. See capercaillieconsulting.ocm for more information and updates.