Basics of Hard Cheese Workshop 2017

Thomas TommeWe will spend the day making one hard cheese, but along the way we’ll discuss the different steps that go into making a hard cheese, and how a slight change here or there will result in a totally different cheese. We’ll discuss the differences between milks, starter cultures, rennet, pH, aging and rind development.

January 12 or March 5 2017
Fee: $125 one day class

$50 deposit (non-refundable) due at the time of registration (If a workshop is cancelled due to weather or other reasons beyond our control, workshop is refundable or rescheduled.). We accept cash, check, money order or credit/debit/PayPal. Use our online Registration Form below the About section. For Snail Mail Option download and print: Registration Form.

About Workshop

• This class will run from 9 to 3 or 4, depending on the cheese being made. A light lunch is provided.

•  All classes must have a minimum of 2 students to be held to cover costs, with a maximum of 6 (our dairy is very small!).

• A take-home cheesemaking kit is available for an additional charge of $25, consisting of a copy of Ricki Carroll’s Home Cheese Making, cheesecloth, cultures, and rennet.

• A slight discount is available for couples or family members, if they can share one set of handouts. If you can provide the milk for the class, a further discount is available.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – you will be forwarded to a secure Paypal gateway upon submitting this form.

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