Whoa, empty nest again. Another year of apprentices come and gone. I know I make ironic jokes about them every year, but really. I enjoy each and every one of them and miss them fiercely when they go. I guess it’s been part of the higher purpose of my life. I have knowledge and skills to share with more than the one child I was gifted, so I take on apprentices like foster children in the hope that some will follow in my footsteps and learn from my mistakes.
It makes me terribly sad when I don’t hear from them, like lost children, I wonder where they have gone and what they are doing now. Why don’t they write? We did our best…. and It makes me extremely proud when I see the strong young farmers and artisans and advocates and activists they grow into. And the both of us love it when they flock back for a visit. Flung the world over: Alaska, Washington, California, Vermont. Or right in my back yard: North Haven, Thorndike and Lewiston. They are making cheese, or raising goats, or sharing the farm life love, or raising awareness of local food systems.
My kids.

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2 Responses to Empty-nesting

  1. Cheesemaker says:

    Ahhh Caitlin. This is sweet. And inspires me to leave a little note saying ‘HEELLLLO’!. I don’t want to tell you how sunny California is. You can guess.

    But I miss the snow (strange) and think fondly now of you and the goats.

    Love: Louella

    P.S. Here’s my newest attempt at cheese-based employement: http://www.sfmilkmaid.com

  2. Billi Barker says:

    I completely understand. There is nothing more satisfying to know that they are carrying on the knowledge which your apprentices are and it is because they have had such a stellar mentor!!