Full Hibernation Mode

Well, I am in full hibernation mode. With the short days, long nights, deep snow and cold driving me inside, all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch movies… I am only milking a handful of goats, so chores don’t take that long (unless I have to shovel yet more snow). Evening chores are done before it starts to get dark. All the signals tell me it’s time to go to bed, so I have a hard time staying awake past supper.
My sister tells me she can always tell when I’m getting enough sleep, because I start to get new ideas. New cheese flavors and types dance in my head. I find myself tinkering in the kitchen planning new product lines for summer. I truly believe I have time to bake bread and pick up the house.
All too soon, it will be kidding time, when I go from 0 to 60 MPH in about ten days. I have lots to do before then: a full scrub down of the dairy, winter repairs, a new hoop house for the kids. And oh my god, the taxes and financial aid apps for Fiona. Christmas books to read. Web pages to update.
This is the irony of winter. Not enough time.

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One Response to Full Hibernation Mode

  1. TSpencer76 says:

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