Another customer rant

Here comes another rant.
We are not open at the farm for cheese sales. My schedule is so packed that when I am home, I am busy in the dairy making or packing the cheese, or in the barn tending to the goats, or in the house enjoying some well-deserved family time. Poor Brad doesn’t need any more interruptions from customers who drop by and want to buy a teeny bit of cheese or, worse, “see the goats.” We usually suggest that customers come seek me out at a farmers’ market, or check a local store. If I’m not home, I”m usually on the road, with all the cheese.
But somehow people just don’t get it. They just can’t manage to get to a farmers’ market or a store, and insist on just dropping by. Just this week, someone had a gift certificate to redeem, and although I caved in and said, sure come on over, they still couldn’t manage to come during the two days that I was home and waiting for them, and they showed up in the middle of a blizzard.
I do six farmers’ markets a week during the market season, and one a week during the winter. That’s at least 150 opportunties to find me somewhere with a full array of cheese ready for their selection and my full attention.
And yes, we do have a “closed” sign. It’s up permanently…

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