Butter Trials

My apprentice Jessie and I have been talking all week about the components that would go into a truly local Thanksgiving. I’ve realized that butter is one area that I need to Get Real Get Maine in… so we’ve been conducting butter trials all week. We found some at the Coop that’s made in Brooks, not too far away, as well as Kate’s butter from Old Orchard Beach. But our biggest triumph of the week is that we made butter on Friday! It was so easy — we bought two quarts of cream, put it in a gallon jar to ripen at room temp for the day, added a touch of MM starter at the beginning. When we got home from market, we took turns shaking the jar, wondering how long it would take, and all of a sudden, there was butter!!! We got 5 8-oz tubs out of two quarts of cream when we were all done. I don’t think it was exactly a pound, as it felt lighter than that, and the butter seemed slightly whipped. But the bottom line is that we did it, it was fun, it was delicious, and now we can wow our families with butter at Thanksgiving!

Now I just need to find those Maine nuts to replace the pecan pie….. I need a recipe for a nut pie with either sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds?

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  1. Hi. I’ve got a comment totally unrelated to this post but related to the dairy goat business.

    I read Dolittler, a blog written by a veterinarian in Miami, on a regular basis. Today she posted about trying to find a sperm donor for her dairy goat. I thought maybe you might be able to get her connected with someone who could provide sperm, since you’re a well established dairy goat farm (and your cheese is awesome! I buy your products at the Belfast Farmers’ Market and the Belfast Co-op primarily).

    Anyway, in case you’re curious, the relevant blog post can be found here: http://www.dolittler.com/index.cfm/2007/10/10/pets.vet.goat.dogs.cats.veterinary.artificial insemination.veterinarian

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