Basics of Goat Cheese 2015-16 Workshops

ACS 2015 Blue RibbonTHIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. Learn the basics of goat cheese. We will make chèvre (a French style of fresh goat cheese), and many of its variations, as well as feta and a quick mozzarella and ricotta. We’ll discuss how goat milk is different from other milks, and why certain cheeses are better made with goat milk. Do you have goats and want to make cheese? Are you thinking of getting goats? Meet the goats and decide for yourself! Please note: During the winter months, we may need to use cow’s milk instead of goat’s milk, as our goats will be dry, but we will be teaching the same basic skill set and styles of cheeses that you would use with goat milk.

Offered: Nov 22,  2015 & April 17,  2016 (I won’t have goat milk to run a class Dec – Mar)
Fee: $150 a day

$50 deposit (nonrefundable) due at the time of registration. Snail Mail option: download and print Registration Form. We accept cash, check, money order or credit/debit/paypal.


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  1. Claire Smith says:

    My name is Claire Smith and I just signed up for the Basic’s of Goat Cheese Workshop on April 17th, I just have a few questions if you don’t mind getting back to me? Regarding the cost? Is it $150 altogether even though I am bringing my husband with me? What do we bring as far as money with us? does it cost more to reserve the cheesemaking kit? Will you show us how to milk the goat at all? I’m sorry for all the questions, just very curious 🙂

    • Caitlin says:


      It is $150 per person, or 275 for a couple with only one set of handouts. I only have one space left, but would honor your request for 2 since I hadn’t edited the class for reflect the spaces left.

      Please either mail in the deposit or use the PayPal form on the website. You can pay the balance at the workshop. The cheesemaking kit is $25 additional, payable at the workshop.

      We can certainly do a milking demonstration at the end of the day, as we begin milking at about 4 p.m.

      I look forward to the class.

      — Caitlin

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