Appleton CreameryUPDATE 2020: This is the year that Brad and Caitlin plan to retire. Poor health is forcing an earlier exit than we had hoped for. Brad developed Parkinson’s Disease and Caitlin’s arthritis is making most farm tasks difficult to impossible. It is time to transition the farm to the next generation of farmers and cheesemakers. The cheese making business and the brand is for sale. The farm will be sold separately. Please contact us directly for more information. In the event of not finding a buyer, we will close the doors this winter and part out the equipment. Caitlin is looking forward to starting a consulting business to continue to advise the next generation.

Appleton Creamery is a small-scale family farm located in Appleton, in scenic midcoast Maine, producing the finest goats milk cheeses. Our farm is small, only five acres, but well-suited to a small herd of goats. Our herd of 40 registered Alpine dairy goats provides us with milk for cheesemaking from March until December, when we and the goats take a break to prepare for kidding.

Kids at Appleton CreameryThe goats are fed locally grown hay and a commercial dairy mix, which contributes to a consistent diet, producing a consistent product. Composted manure from the barn contributes to a bountiful organic garden, where we grow many of the herbs used in our cheese, as well as much of our food and lots of treats for the goats. We do not use artificial hormones in the management of our farm animals. The goats have free-range to about three acres of second growth woods and are never closed up in the barn.


In years past, our Great Pyrenees guardian dog Claymore guarded the goats and kept them safe from roaming predators.

Caitlin has been raising goats and making cheese since 1979; Brad married into it in 1988, and without him, the farm wouldn’t function. After making cheese for many years on a home scale, we received state licensing in 1994, and have continued to expand our commercial cheesemaking operation, producing about 6000 pounds of cheese last year. Our daughter Fiona is a Capricorn (what else?) and is a great help around the farm and at Farmers’ Market. Over 60 kids are born, welcoming spring with their antics and boundless energy. Our Great Pyrenees guardian dogs Seamus and Shiitake guard the goats and keep them safe from roaming predators. Our helping circle around the farm includes Cait’s sister Megan Owen, who manages soap production and marketing, and in recent years, apprentices who help with cheese production and farmers markets.

We offer cheesemaking apprenticeships. This is a serious full-season, full-time position, and only the serious need apply. PleaseĀ  see our Apprenticeship Pages and check the MOFGA (Mine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association) website for a farm description, then email for more details. No phone calls, please.

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