Customer Fatigue

Customer Fatigue is a new term we came up with this season at farmers’ market to describe that reaction you get when the 100 thousandth customer asks the same question AGAIN.
Here for your entertainment is a list of those questions:
1. Do you have to milk the goats twice a day?
2. How much milk does a goat give?
3. Do you eat your goats?
4. Is your farm organic?
5. Is this cheese pasteurized?
6. Can we come visit the farm?
7. Will this cheese be OK in my hot car for ten hours while I drive back to (—fill in the blank —)?
8. Is this cheese vegetarian?
9. Where is Appleton?
10. What is chevre?
I’m not sure what to do with this list, but some days it sure is hard to smile with the answer.