Signs of Spring

The saps buckets are up! Can spring be far behind? The stately old maples that line our road get the traditional metal buckets. Plastic lines snake through the woods and drip into tanks near the road in less accessible spots. We use milk jugs. I’ve seen almost every kind of container used to catch the precious sap, even plastic bags. It doesn’t matter. It all means spring.

Attitude Adjustment

What a difference a week makes! From five inches of snow and obscenely cold temperatures, to 70 degrees, shirtsleeves and crocus blooming. The bees were swarming in the crocus yesterday, which valiantly took up where they left off three weeks ago when the snow buried them. The goats are lying around, soaking up the sun. My wonderful apprentice Louella did not run screaming when the power went out during the storm, and we had to hand milk for a day.
Maybe I’ll make it after all.